Demonic circle by SHimmortal


Demonologists manipulate the barriers between worlds, They can call forth and banish outsiders, Attack the minds of their enemies and call forth the primal hellfire of the lower planes


The demonologist can call forth an outsider with relative ease, The difficulty of the summoning is dependent on the creature being summoned, The target makes a mind save to oppose the summoning, If the caster wishes to control the creature they must then make a mindroil check,

Banishing works much the same way with the demonologist overcoming the same check to send the outsider back to its home plane. (Opposed mind checks, The caster adds their Banishing skill as a bonus),

The demonologist can create a summoning circle on a hex that an outsider has to make a soul save to move into or move out of, The circle must be scribed carefully and normal creatures can disrupt the circle without any penalty.


The next skill the demonologist masters is fighting against madness, piercing planes and dealing with extraplanar minds exposes the user to evershifting extremes of every kind of emotion and terror, nightmares and delusions are common and many aspiring demonologists lose their minds just in the attempt.

When used to dominate an outsider the demonologist engages in a battle of wills each trying to destroy the will of the other (Opposed mind checks, The caster adds their mindroil skill as a bonus), if they succeed the outsider falls under their control, if they fail the outsider deals madness damage equal to their total mind saving throw and is free to act for the round.

The user suffers a penalty of 3 to all mindroil rolls for each outsider they control, some outsiders can command creatures of their own at no penalty to the demonologist.


The last and most dangerous skill the demonologist learns is to channel the primal hellfire of the lower planes, Using this attack the demonologist can expend one sanity point per skill in Hellfire to deal an equal amount of D4 dice worth of damage, The range of the attack is equal top 5 + the users hellfire skill, The user must still make a ranged attack to hit.

Hellfire has no related resistance but is still reduced by DR

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