Justus Anjou

House AnjouEdit

The house of Anjou is as old as the Valen kingdoms, the first lord of Anjou Henry was a respected and loved general who became a great civic leader of his people during times of peace, He built a prosperous and happy realm and was one of the lord who signed the charter creating the order of the whitecloaks.

The justus family has always been known for their love for the common people of there realms and have always encouraged the devout worship of the divine forces aligned with good, They have lent many many to the Whitecloak order and have stood against tyrannical lords in the council speaking in the best interests of all.

The justus family does have one black sheep in their history known as the first Anarchist, He believed that the caste system and divine order of the realm was a tyrannical lie and was designed to enslave the common people, He started an anarchistic movement and caused chaos in the kingdom until he was slain by Lord Fischer in an ambush.

The current Lord of the NAjou house is Justus and he has become a paragon of virute and mercy that would make his ancestors proud, He stands as an example of chivalry and justice and his province is the only one in the kingdoms that refuses to allow slavery


Justus believes that the best way to end a

Justus Regulars
 conflict is to finish it quickly he trains his men in both sword an bow, Justus has little regard for the rights of nobles who start wars and has found that arrows are the quickest way to bring them down.