Roster of Lords

House CastmireEdit

The house of Castmire has always ruled in castmire, Since the days fo the Ebarung invasions when the Ebar general VIjar Castor married the tribal queen Ellamire and crowned himself King of Castmire and the forests of Valengal.

The kings of castmire ruled for four generations until the great expansion of the Black throne began, After securing their rule by fighting back the Tyrants and building their fortresses in the Woden lands the new Ebarung empire expanded like fire across the plains fo the Mesa and deep into the clanlands, The kings of castmire however would not be easy prey, With the fury and bloodthirst of an Ebarung and the stealth and cunning of a Mireborn Mesan the castmires fought tooth and claw to drive the attackers back, This lead to a climatic battle between the last king of castmire and the Eban Saint-Lord Guile which resulted in the death of both in 185AL.

After the fall of Guile the new king of Castmire Titus the First made peace with the Eban invaders General Maxim Tergon and was granted dominion over the forests of castmire in exchange for an oath of fealty and a thousands soldiers to fight in the first Chimerian Conflict.

Modern CastmireEdit

The current ruler of castmire is Borric Castmire, 

Borric CastmireB

Borric Castmire

He rules as the Duke of Castmire sworn under Earl Baldassar 

Hart the Marshal of Valengal and Vassal of 

Tergon, He was married to the Late Alexa Mallory and had two sons Titus Castmire (Deceased) and Argon Castmire.

He has the Allegiance of Baron Theron Myer, Baron Sigismund Castmire and Baroness Kali Castmire.

His current Heir is Lady Kali Castmire whom he adopted into his own family, He chose her as his heir above his own son argon who has he feels is not suioted for the role due to the agression he faces from the Hartlands.

Castmire is known for his rebellious stand against the Rise of Baldassar hart, most famously for his onvolvement in the "Telemachus Rebellion" when the kingdom first encountered one of the Anointed sons of Destruction.

He holds Castmire City and Stonemire city as his personal holdings and has recently gained governorship of the Port city of Castiglione following the Death of its previous lord Gawain Castiglione