Aretha Dawn

House DawnEdit

Aretha Dawn was raised as the first new Duke to be created in valengal in nearly three hundred years and the first to hold lands not on the mainland.

Aretha served as the magistrate of Thronhiem for nearly fifteen years and proved to be a gifted and capable civic adminsitratore, She was granted the city of Hulders as it was the most economically powerful of the taken Miletian cities.


The city of Drenthe was the first to fall during the second miletian war, The city was vastly overconfident in its ability to deffend itself with mercenaries, Unfortuanetly for the Primarch and rulers of Hulders Euronymus in the guise of the Miletian Emperor hired more than half the mercenaries in miletia and paid all the others he could to stand down until the war was over.

The City is a financial production center focusing on the wool and steel trades


Dawn Regulars
Dawns infantry take much of their training from the gaurdsmen and officers of the royal gaurd in thronhiem, as such they are very deffensive in nature and know how to make an enemy smash themselves against a solid deffence