Morgan Fischer

House FischerEdit

Fischer is an old house in name only, The origional man who held its seat was a rutheless pirate named Pak the Fischer who provided key naval support to the New Valen kingdom during their founding wars, After the wars conclusion though Pak became a scourge to the newly founded Royal Navy in port Griffith, The new king not wishing to lose such a resourceful subject offered him a lordship in a land surrounded by waters, He then gave him the current Fischer lands on the southern border far from any significant naval waters.

Since then there have been no less than three mutinies that have wiped out or displaced the ruling Fischer house all by people who claim the barest thread of blood ties to the Origional Pak, The current head of the house is Baroness Morgan Fischer who survivded a Coup attempt that killed her parents and older siblings, She is known as a ruthless and cunning woman who leaves many enemies of guard with an easy smile and carefree attitude while a loyal vassal slips a terrible poison into their drinks, She is not a strong political power but she has one of the most treacherous and devious minds in the Kingdom

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