Baldassar Hart

House HartEdit

The house of Hart is not one of the traditional Valen houses, Its first lord Sithis Hart was awarded a Barony for his services in the first chimerian conflict, The Hart house was a Minor one under the greatest military family the Valen empire ever knew the Voulgers.

Several generations later the head of house Hart was made a Duke for his services to the house of Voulger as an administrator and agricultural production overseer.

Baldassars Father Heimdall was a proud and contentious man with no real power he created a diplomatic nightmare by insulting the other noble houses that lead to the "Bleeding Hart Conflict" Where the noble houses of Jack, Voulger and Nallar united to destroy the Hart Family.

Heimdall himself was killed in the conflict but his son Baldassar displayed an unheralded tactical prowess and fought back the other houses with a fury uncharacteristic of his house, The biggest battle of the conflict was called the "Battle of Black Skies" Where the Warmages of the Nallar family caused acid to rain down from the sky decimating Baldassars forces, His first wife and young son where killed by the rain but Baldassar rallied his forces and won the day.

The house of Nallar was completely obliterated and any who bore their name have long since gone into hiding, The houses of Voulger and Jack bent the knee and swore under Baldassar and Amanda Voulger the eldest daughter of the Voulger family was married to Baldassar himself to seal the alliance.

The hart hosues expanded quicklly thereafter as more lords bent the knee and weak lords suffered tragic "Accidents"only to be replaced by lords loyal to baldassar, His sister Mary began the tradition of training soldiers and founded a military academy on her lands, At the peak of the expansion Baldassar began to dissapear for days at a time with his oldest daughter Aerith and leaves the day to day running of his realm to Thadeus Hart.

The Lords ProgressEdit

Unliek other lords Baldassar has no capital city but instead keeps a large nomadic Court/Provincial army, He travels with his court much of the time checking in on his subjects

Baldassar has the loyalty of many Barons Including Mary Hart, Thadeus Hart, Draccus Hart, Bendrick Tsjuder, Ramon Baw, Siar Sergon, Irwin Voulger and Karmen Dolore

Noble DaughtersEdit

Baldassar has five Daughters

The first Aerith is his heir and accompanies him on his Lords Progress

The second Karrera is unmarried and is a profficent soldier, she leads a division of harts finest soldiers

The third Saphire is married to Lord Harald Armon

The fourth Asha is married to Duke Justus Anjou

The fifth Leigh is a member of the Order of the Whitecloaks


Mary Hart
Bendrick Tsjuderb
Draccus Hart
Irwin Voulger
Ramon Baw
Thadeus Hart
Karmen Dolore
Siar Sergon
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