Patrick Lyons

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The house of Lyons is as old as the Valen kingdoms, The Iron Lyon was one of the first lords to swear alliegance to Tergon the first as a king in his own right, They have embodied the virtues of order and competition and as such have had many great champions bear their name.

The Lyons began hosting the first great tournaments focusing the bloodlust of the Valen people into a refined competititive competition as opposed to random bloody conflicts across the realms, They also have contributed the most people and resources to the order of the Judicators and are the Bane of all the bandits in the kingdoms

The current lord Patrick is a tournament champion, accomplishe legal advisor and skilled general, He is often called upon to adjudicate conflicts between other nobles and many people in the realms look to him as an example of security and strength

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Lyons Regulars
The Lyons soldiers are heavily armoured and rush to deffend not only themselves but everyone else who falls under the protection of the Valen kingdoms, He has employed many master horse breeders to create the finest cavalry the Mesa has ever seen.