Alexander Mallard

House MallardEdit

The Mallard family was raised by the first king of Valengal for their service in the Heresy War, They devised the battle plans that fought the Ebonwode saints ravaging the lands "Guile" "Wrath" "Pride""Glory" and "Terror", although the mallards could not stand against the saint lords they are the only reason the the new Valen Kingdoms wer enot crushed completely in the first years of the war, The current lord of the Malard lands is Alexander, He was born with pure white eyes and hair and is known for his love of strategy games and competitions and is the most renowned tactician in the Valen Kingdoms

The Hall of WarEdit

The hall of war is the largest repository of tactical and logistics information in the known realms, it also holds detailed accounts of every battle fought since its founding and every scrap of information that could be found about the wars before, The War Museum holds many relics from past battles and banners of lords famous for their deeds in war


Mallards military is focused on the creation
Mallard Regulars
and use of war machines, He used his engineering skill mainly for seige warfare but can turn any resource or terrain into a battle advantage


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