Thomas Mallory

House MalloryEdit

The house of Mallory was founded origionally as a mining and construction colony to produce arms for House Voulger.

The lord of the house Waylan Mallory was promoted to baron for his service in the war with the Clanlands

The current ruler of the house is Thomas Mallory. He is an accomplished statesman, Diplomat and Scholar and through his families arms trading he has made many connections which he exploits to spread the influence of his house.

The ProvinceEdit

The province ruled by the Mallory family is very mountainous and rugged, it has many ore mines and foundries and attracts many prospectors and treasure hunters.

It has avoided most large scale conflicts as it is simpler to avoid the province than attempt to take it, The province does not produce much food and relies on the adjacent hartland province for supplies.


Mallory Regulars


Wulf RaichEdit

Wulf Raich
The raich family has been a silent force in the mallory province since its founding, The first of the Raich family to be made a noble was a courier for Lord Mallory, He was raised for an unknown service to his lord and put in charge of Logistics and finance.

In the generations that followed the Raich family negotiated many favourable trading agreements for the mallory family becoming involved in almost every arms deal in valengal.

The current lord of the Raich family is Wulf, He followed in the footsteps of his father James Raich specialising in foundry work and distribution, His greatest success has been the creation of a special alloy and design for plate armour which has become known as "Malloric Armour".

Raich is known as a very astute buisnessman and diplomat but has no standing army, hold sno relevant lands beyond his foundries and has not distinguished himself in warfare, he is known as a very useful man but not a relevant one.

Guilliame Hookwood Edit

Guilliame Hookwood
The hookwood family served as the generals of the Mallory province, The oldest hookwood general was of Woden descent and held a stronghold in the mountains, He was known as "The Iron Chief" and ruled a small kingdom of warriors until the Ebonwode landings, The Iron chief was conquered by the Voulgers and sworn in as a bannerman.

The Hookwood family is responsible for the deffence of the Mallory province in particular securing the gem and ore mines thew province is famous for.

Guilliame is the current lord of the Hookwood family, He is a fantastic general specialisiong in deffensive tactics but is known for terrible buisness sense and many economic failings.

Guilliame respected in the stone towers and served in the Dwarf Wars winning many battles against the stonebloods, He was also a big supporter of integration respecting the dwarves for their battle prowess and metallurgy skills, He is not however known as an offensive commander and has little political power.

Edmund CastourEdit

Edmund Castour