Merritus Pollus

House PollusEdit

House Pollus is Headed by Merritus Pollus, He is a Baron in the Mesa sworn under Duke Godric Van Dracken. Merritus is an aloof and

Founding of House PollusEdit

The pollus family gained there seat after the war of revelation fought with the Ebonwode empire, The origional Baron Edrik Pollus served as an advisor to the new king on all matters related to the Arcane, He also helped lay the foundation for what would become the Royal Arcanum which was then headed by his younger brother Animaes Pollus.

The pollus family is very aloof and detatched when it comes to the day to day running of their provinces instead allowing a series of public servants to control the day to day regulations governing their lands, They also have few commercial or industrial enterprises gaining most of their regions wealth by training and managing various arcane services such as Scryers, Enchanters and Telelocators.