Lacrissa Sobieski

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House SobieskiEdit

The house of sobieski won their title as lords in a short and bloody civil war, The origional lords of the panther clan formed close ties with Chimeria and when the Valen kingdoms broke off sought chimerian aid to become an independent kingdom and conquer the rest of the clanlands.

Samuel Sobieski raised his banners in favour of the crusher family and led his people to a decisive victory before chimerian reinforcements could arrive and held their halls until the crusher reinforcements arrived.

The sobieski family are the most traditional of the clanlands teaching all their children their origional clan tounge "Gellar" before any other, they favour the ritual tattoos of their ancestors, Their literature, art and architecture are all as close to the origional clans as possible.

The current ruler of the sobieski family is Lacrissa, She is a feared and respected battle maiden, A shrewd negotiator and strong leader, she does not harbour any ambition in a political sense but is fiercely devoted to the crusher family and the preservation of her nations traditions.


Panther Clan Regulars

Despite her stong belief in tradition LKacrissa has a very current military system , Her soldiers are vicious and deadly, Heavily armoured and more than half the troops are women