Godric Van Draken

House Van DrakenEdit

The Van Draken family have been Valen lords for as long as there has been a Valengal, They ruled as lords in the mesa ever since the first dragonlord set foot on its soil, The Van Drakens are mighty warriors who have excelled in every field they have competed in, they are champion jousters, Mighty warmages and weilders of great divine power.

The Van Drakens also contributed to the founding of the Order of the Dragon and a Van Draken served as the first grandmaster.

The current lord of Van Draken is Godric, He is a fearsome and determined man who has turned his full attention to growing the power of his family and extending his influence.

He is an ambitious and prideful man who strains against the limits of his power, He has little regard for common people beyond keeping them safe, well fed and productive but seeks out champions and elites to serve as his lords and personal forces


Van Dracken Regulars

Van Drakens forcess are among the best assault troops in the kingdoms, They have been known to break enemies more with terror than prowess because every man fighting them knows that even if they strike the soldier in fornt of them down... The dragon is coming.


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