Castmire Regulars

Example Unit

Mass Combat

The mass combat system used for R.A.G.E has been reduced to a set of very basic mechanics relying on a core D20 system coupled with an advantage & disadvantage system

Unit CardEdit

The unit cards are a helpful visual aid listing all the information relevant to using the unit in combat.

Unit NameEdit

The name of the unit or hero in question


Morale is an indication of how motivated a unit is, It is made up of the units base morale plus any modifiers from Generals/Items


This is the value you add to your D20 roll when making an attack


This is the value you add to your D20 roll when making an opposed deffence


This is used to classify different kinds of units who general rules may reffer to

Rules TextEdit

This will have any sub rules that relate to the use of the Unit

Using a UnitEdit


Victors Cavalla

A Hero Unit

Each side in turn moves all the units they command, Each unit may move up to six hexes on the map, Once the unit has moved you have the option to make an attack or use a special ability or item, Not both.

Some hexes contain difficult terrain, Unless a unit has advanatge in that terrain they must spend 2 movement points to move one hex, difficult terrain includes Forests, Deserts, Mountains, Swamps and Rivers.


When combat is intiated the attacking side makes a D20 roll, Adds their offence skill and adds any bonus from their General/Items, The deffender then rolls a D20 and adds their deffence skill, The winner is the side with the higher final number, The winner then deals wounds to the loser


A unit lose 1 point of morale, offence and deffence for every wound it has. When a units morale is reduced to 0 it breaks and runs from the battlefield, When a broken unit is attacked it cannot make a deffensive roll in response, If a unit has all three values reduced to zero it is completely destroyed.


When a unit has advantage you make two D20 rolls instead of one and keep the highest