Miletian MythalsEdit

The mythals of miletia are enormous city wide enchantments that alter the fundamental nature of magic and even physics within the cities.

The origional purpose of the mythal was to control and defend against the use of magic against city dwelling citizens of miletia, Over time they have been adjusted in a hundred small ways to support the agendas of the ruling class of the Miletian cities.

Mythals cannot be dispelled or moved and as such there are two ruined cities in Miletia that still have fully functioning Mythals, One was laid waste by mercenaries after failing to pay its contracts and the other was destoyed by Saintlord Wrath of the ebonwode empire.


A mythal is created by a council of mages, as few as two dozen have been recorded in the ritual but as many as two hundred are possible, All these mages must combine their energy and skill for days at a time to craft the immense weave of magic required, The Archmage at the head of the ritual must go this entire time without sleep or sustenance of any kind, And finally at the conclusion of the ritual the Archmage himself is consumed to become part of the great mantle of the mythal, The exact method of creation is highly debated as it has not been accomplished for hundreds of years.