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Rune MagicEdit

Rune magic is a channeling art that allows the user to take a thought or ideal and transfer its abstract essence into a clearly defined and powerful symbol

Learning RunesEdit

Unlike other channeling magics there is no limit to the number of tiems you can use rune magic or the number of runes that can be active at one time, All your skill goes into empowering and refining your runes, Each rune is learnt in a dream after undergoing a great trial, Many runes were discovered by champions and heroes in their dreams and have come to signify that champions life, it is possible for a new and unique rune to be found in a dream but this only happens rarely and is even less rarely shared.

Memorising a rune takes a huge investment of energy and each one must be studied and crafted almost as a seperate discipline, Some of the more widely known runes are as follows


Creates a strong white light shining from the runes location


Creates a radiant darkness from the runes location


Enemies cannot pass over a sanctuary rune without undergoing a trial of wills


The inscriber knows whenever this rune is passed over or disturbed


The inscriber gains enhanced melee skill within a certain radius of the rune


This rune hides an item from sight unless it is very specifically sought after


Adds structure and sturdiness to crafted equipment


There are many places a runemaster will wish to use a rune that will be unsuitable or impractical to use, Any runes simply drawn in sand or carved into wood canm be just as easily destroyed as they were created, to counteract this many runemasters carry a bag of runestones, There are many different elements that can be used for runestones all with different effects on the final rune, The most common effects are rune empowerment, Hardiness of the rune against destruction, Resistance of the rune to magical dispelling and a secondary effect of holding the runestone in place, Some rarer runestones even attack anyone attempting to destroy the runes

Rune usage and carvingEdit

Ruens can be used anywhere the runemaster can clearly carve and define the runes, Most use a special blade or stylus to carve runes which helps focus their thoughts and mental energies but it is just as simple to use your fingers in a pinch.