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Shamanism is the power to tap into the forces of nature, be they Beasts, Plants or Natural forces, A skilled shaman can direct the forces of nature but must walk a fine line, Nature can never be turned against itself and will always return to its own purposes


A skilled shaman can take on the aspects of certain animals they have a strong empathy with, The effect is something akin to lycanthropy but completely under the users control, They can make a full conversion to the form of a beast but retain their own minds.

Taking the form of a best requires a great degree of practice and calm, unlike most forms of magic and channeling shamanism requires you to let go od your control and let your mind drift into the primal mentality of the nature around you, The most common forms a shaman will take are the ones they are most familiar with

Force ControlEdit

Force control can be used to manipulate weather, direct the flow of waters, grow plants and even in some extreme cases direct natural disasters

Animal EmpathyEdit

This ability is used to connect with natural creatures, It can be used to see through their eyes, access their memories, manipulate their motivatiosn and even in some cases control them, It also allows the shaman to build a strong relationship with a few companion animals that will act as guides and assistants for the shaman.