The City of Timberchapel

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Timberchapel CtiyEdit

Timberchapel City is the Seat of Bendrick Tsjuder, BAron of Valengal sworn under Earl Baldassar Hart

Founding & HistoryEdit

TImberchapel was founded as a religious monastery but gre quickly in size due to sawmill and lumber operations in the area, The lumber from castmire was floated down the river and processed in the timberchapels sawmills, The wood was then shipped further down to sea for export or sent by caravan to the Mesa, Timberchapel was the domain of the Voulger family for many years until the family was largely destroyed in the Bleeding Hart conflict.

Military GarrisonEdit

Bendrick Tsjuder

The Lord of Timberchapels Elite Guard

Hart Regulars x 40

Halberdiers x5

Heavy Footman x5

Archers x5

Men at arms x5