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This wiki contains all the characters, Cities, Nations and worlds created for the "Valengal" roleplaying setting.

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- Ebonwode

- Druag Plateau

- Gorland

- Tyrannus

- Miletia

- Sethgorod

- Hysinburushin

- Barrus

- Ferrumel

- Races of Men, Valens, Mesans, CLansmen, Ebarungs, Woden, Jackals, Shaganate, Eskarr, Wastemen, Ignar, Assai, Miletian, Barrun, Sethur, Gor, Draug, Tyrant, Ferrumel

- Provincial Capital Cities

- Organisations, Gold Council - Miletia, Northern Trading Consortium, Rat Knights, Order of the Dragon, Gor Clans, Houselings

- Mysteries, Anchors, Lost Worlds, Star Bridges

- Legends, Great Migration, Lost gods of Chimeria, Dragonlords of Miletia, Overfiends of the Drauglands.

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